Naked Crate

If you're not careful you can end up with seafood that isn't entirely seafood when it hits your plate. While all of our crates provide sustainably sourced, restaurant grade seafood, our Naked Crate takes it to the next level.

The tuna is wild caught and free of chemical dyes, additives, and tasteless smoke. And the salmon and black tiger shrimp in this crate are certified chemical free and organic. The Named Crate--no additives, no preservatives, no chemical treatments... just seafood in its purest form.


Contains one 7 oz / 200 g portion of each of the following products: 

  • Bigeye Tuna (Fresh)
  • Organic Black Tiger Shrimp (Previously Frozen)
  • Organic Salmon (Fresh)

    Category: Fresh, Organic, Seafood, Seafood Set, Tuesday

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    Seafood Crate
    Eva Pyatt
    Exceptional customer service

    In addition to great products, the customer service is wonderful. Easy ordering, easy contact with someone at the company and nice people. Thanks and will continue to shop with you.

    Thank you so much Eva!

    Seafood Crate
    A wealth of information

    I absolutely love how informative your website is, I keep landing here while searching hard topics that a lot of fishmongers hop over. Thank you for covering hard topics like "tasteless smoke" and glazing. People deserve to be informed about the food they are consuming. Much appreciated

    Seafood Crate
    Howard Roussel
    Regarding our last order.

    Just placed another order this morning, my wife and I cannot wait till next Tuesday as our order will be delivered. We just love their seafood, will not buy from anywhere else.

    thank you Seafood grate.

    Seafood Crate
    Felix Tsetlin
    Excellent service

    Have been ordering wild caught salmon for several month. Consistently great product and good customer service. Keep it up! Much recommended.

    Seafood Crate
    Eva Pyatt
    consistent quality

    I've ordered fish and meats several times and I'm very pleased with the consistent quality.