• Species: Placopecten Magellanicus
• Fresh

• Country of Origin: Canada
• Features: Wild Caught

These buttery seafood favorites from the east coast are a mainstay in chowders, pastas, and even as crispy little morsels seared quickly on a hot pan. Our scallops are all natural and we ensure that they are never pumped (a process where they are soaked in additives that makes them appear bigger.) They are wild caught, easy to cook, and incredibly delicious. A perfect meal to impress or just enjoy with the family.

Category: Canadian, Wild Caught

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I cooked them couple days ago just in little butter with some pasta. They were hood size and delicious.


The scallops were a really good size and so fresh taking- fresh from the sea. We cooked them up with butter and garlic and a bit of sea salt. Perfect.

Customer Service and Flavour

If you were ever worried about buying online due to poor customer service; i.e., all machine automated and no human contact, you need not worry with this company. Within an hour of placing my order they called me on the telephone. After reviewing my order with them, I found I had made an error which they quickly corrected for me so no surprises at the door when it was delivered. The fish was packed well and still very cold with ice packs when it was delivered. So far, we have tried the salmon which was delicious - tender, fresh and full of flavour. We have found the salmon we get from the grocery store is tasteless and tough. Not so with Seafood Crate salmon. We still have to try the scallops also part of our order - we are looking forward to it.


We devoured the salmon the other night. Fresh and delicious.


I ordered some sea bass and scallops to make a dinner for my boyfriend on our anniversary. Its good that you can just order what you want without being forced to order a minimum or order a combo. It was a great dinner! I will order again for sure.

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Found my fishmonger!

Our first order was a wide range of products. Having gone through each offering I can truly say your product is fresh...fresher than my local...packaged well, sustainably responsible, top quality and portioned just right. Just placed my second order. I'm sold! Seafood Crate you are my only source for fresh seafood. We especially loved the salmon, Argentinian shrimp, pickerel and Arctic char. Super impressed!

If you haven't already, do yourself a huge favour and give Seafood Crate a try. Like Vicki and I one order is all that's needed to find your own personal fish monger!
Looking forward to new offerings in the future...mussels, oysters, clams?


Seafood Crate offers a great service, a good selection of fish and always delivers. I highly recommend them.

Great fish!

We especially loved the Tuna and scallops!
We ordered an array of fish and seafood and used and enjoyed everything.
The convenience of ordering and delivery certainly added to our overall enjoyment of your products! We will continue to order your fish and seafood and will continue to recommend it to our friends and family! Many thanks for your great product!! Andrea

Excellent Fish and Customer Service

Received our first order today. It was packaged as advertised. Presentation was excellent. We were able to track the order from start to finish.
We had the salmon for supper and it was so moist and the taste was pleasing to the palate. we are looking forward to the rest of the fish we ordered.
Will never look at store purchased fish again.
Seafood crate will be our go to for fresh fish and seafood.
Thanks again

Best fish

Totally in love with your tuna. It's so good to be able to get sushi grade. I made a tuna tataki. Salmon also very good.