Chilean Seabass

• Species: Dissostichus Eleginoides
• Previously Frozen

• Country of Origin: Chile
• Features: Wild Caught, Chemical-Free

Wild caught in the deep cold waters of the Pacific, Chilean Seabass is a high fat fish with an unparalleled taste. Frozen within minutes of being caught, we ensure a chemical free product with no pumping (a process that uses additive to make a fish appear larger that it is.) You can be sure that you’ll enjoy one thing and one thing only... Seabass.

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Colin Blumberg
Best fish ever

Freshest fish Ive ever eaten

Thanks Colin,

Our aim is to provide you the freshest possible seafood on the market. Glad you find us true to our promise.

Catherine Graney
Chilean Seabass

I ordered this fish many times before, no matter how you cooked it, it is very tender, tasty and yet firm. My favorite!

Marshall Hogan
Seafood shipment

Excellent seafood, great taste and very fresh

Chilean Sea Bass

The Chilean Sea Bass was divine withthe lemon garlicparsley sauce.

Jim Fisher

I have made three significant orders, i.e. approximately $400/order. The quality of the fish and scallops is very good. Regrettably, I estimate 75%, the shapes of the fish fillets and scallops do not resemble the photos on the website. In particular, the fillets in two packages of Orange Roughy were long, thin, straggly pieces that were difficult to cook evenly and definitely not suitable to serve guests. Many of the fillets are long thin rectangles that are about a centimetre thick at the strait end and two millimetres at the tip. The majority of the scallops are polygonal shapes and few are disc-shaped with even thickness.

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Seafood Crate
Eva Pyatt
Exceptional customer service

In addition to great products, the customer service is wonderful. Easy ordering, easy contact with someone at the company and nice people. Thanks and will continue to shop with you.

Thank you so much Eva!

Seafood Crate
A wealth of information

I absolutely love how informative your website is, I keep landing here while searching hard topics that a lot of fishmongers hop over. Thank you for covering hard topics like "tasteless smoke" and glazing. People deserve to be informed about the food they are consuming. Much appreciated

Seafood Crate
Howard Roussel
Regarding our last order.

Just placed another order this morning, my wife and I cannot wait till next Tuesday as our order will be delivered. We just love their seafood, will not buy from anywhere else.

thank you Seafood grate.

Seafood Crate
Felix Tsetlin
Excellent service

Have been ordering wild caught salmon for several month. Consistently great product and good customer service. Keep it up! Much recommended.

Seafood Crate
Eva Pyatt
consistent quality

I've ordered fish and meats several times and I'm very pleased with the consistent quality.