Cooked Lobster Meat

• Species: Homarus Americanus
• Previously Frozen

• Country of Origin: Canada
• Features: Wild Caught, Chemical-Free, High Protein

Our pouched wild caught lobster is a perfect addition to any seafood lover's regular diet. Unlike most products on the market that have a higher percentage of low quality meat to average the cost down, each pouch from Seafood Crate is certified to contain 60% Claw, 30% Knuckle, 10% Leg Meat. This ready-to-eat product is pre-cooked to perfection and ready to be added to a variety of dishes.

Category: Canadian, Wild Caught

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Great Service and Excellent Seafood !!

We were New to Seafood Crate and curious to try them out. We were not disappointed. Customer service is excellent. I placed an order online for delivery, a week later I saw they had an item back in stock that was previously sold out so I place a second order. One order was for delivery and the second I was going to pick up because I didn’t think I could combine them online for delivery. Shortly after I placed my second order I received a call from their customer service asking if I would like to combine the orders for delivery. Thats service! Now for the product, we ordered the Octopus, Argentinian Shrimp, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, lobster claws and Crab. The smoked salmon is fantastic. I made some non-smoked salmon lovers into real fans!! Perfectly smoked and better than any smoked salmon I purchased in regular grocery stores. The shrimp fabulous and the Octopus is by far my most favorite item purchased from Seafood Crate. Spectacular!! We had it fresh upon delivery and then froze some for future date. It was amazing even after freezing. The lobster claws are ALL CLAWS!! Delicious right out of the package!! The lobster and the octopus come pre cooked….to perfection I may add!! Each item comes portion packed in vacuum sealed bags, easy to store and freeze. Im a huge fan and will continue to use their services. Front door delivery and fantastic seafood is pretty hard to beat. They are working on delivery of fresh shellfish (oysters, mussels) which I cant wait for !! You can order fresh shellfish in advance and pick up from their location. Which is on my list of things to do !! Enjoy its really good.


It was excellent and we will be doing this again with you for sure.

Amazing quality!

I ordered a few different options and all of them were absolutely delicious! I've never had sustainably caught sushi-grade salmon before and I was head-over-heels when I first tried it - knowing I had a dozen more filets in the freezer!


After trying your products for the first time for a Christmas Day family brunch, I was extremely pleased with everything that I ordered from you!Thank you for your good service!

Fresh fresh

I ordered mostly something I can eat immediately because I have no patience. The salmon roe was so fresh, I ate two bowls of rice with half portion of the roe, some soy sauce, I was in heaven. I will live on plain rice for the next two days!!!

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Best fish

Totally in love with your tuna. It's so good to be able to get sushi grade. I made a tuna tataki. Salmon also very good.

First order, excellent products, very impressive

After I placed the order, Baz the manager called me personally to confirm & make sure my order is correct & if I'v any questions, excellent way to connect with his customers, he delivered personally all the way to my downtown condo...nice gentleman! You can track the delivery on the GPS app came with delivery notice in ur cell, so no need to stay home & worry if u gonna missed ur delivery. The order was packed in a strong cardboard box with top, bottom & 4 sides insulation wrap in plastic with pieces of ice in a plastic bag on top to keep my order fresh, the best insulated delivery box I even received. My order is fresh, excellent high quality tasty salomn & tuna Sashimi...I'd it for dinner, nothing else, very filling & was awesome because I ate all of, yummiest. I haven't try the salmon roe, rainbow trout & the crab meats, planning to stir fry with egg whites & green onion like an omelette, probably steam the trout Chinese style with salmon roe on top, over all 5 stars × 2 to: customer care service, packaging, delivery with a tracking app so u wouldn't missed ur delivery, excellent high quality products, u can't ask for anything more...highly recommended.

Happy Campers

We love seafood and Seafood Crate has given us such a huge opportunity to buy our seafood sustainably while enjoying such a huge variety.
Even my 17 year old son can't wait for the Crate to arrive so he can make himself Lobster Macaroni and Cheese (not a bad after school snack I'd say.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Excellent Seafood

This was some of the best seafood I have had. My whole family loved the quality and freshness.

excellent service and great quality food

your seafood is fresh well packed.i really look forward to every meal the scallops were really nice...…….