Oh Canada

...our home and native land! As you may have guessed by the name, our Oh Canada set is loaded with some of Canada's finest seafood products. All the products in this seafood set are 100% Canadian caught and processed, and we promise they will make you proud.

Our delicious sustainable salmon, fresh Pacific halibut, and premium Maritime lobster meat are sure to leave you feeling patriotic.


Contains one 7 oz / 200 g portion of each of the following products: 

  • Halibut (Previously Frozen)
  • Cooked Lobster Meat (Previously Frozen)
  • Salmon (Fresh)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Gail Ozols
    Great seafood

    Loved the individual packs and always so fresh.

    Jenna Tremblay
    High Quality

    As someone who used to live by the ocean, I find it so hard to get decent seafood in Ontario. The lobster, shrimp and smoked salmon were my favourites and were actually fresh. Definitely recommend

    Lillian Chiu
    Love it!

    Seafood was super fresh! Would order salmon again

    Delicious seafood!

    I have loved everything I bought so far and I must say you can tell the quality difference between them and store bought seafood. Melt in your mouth smoked salmon and smoked trout are my favorites. The lobster meat made a great lobster alfredo one night. Highly recommend! Great customer service too which is nice to see these days!

    Patti Thuell
    Seafood is great but

    Shipping, which I appreciate is out of your control, will be a concern once warmer months are upon us. Canada Post managed to route the package incorrectly, delaying the delivery. While still cold when I received it, in hotter weather I’m not sure how I would feel about it if delayed again.

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    Seafood Crate
    Kim Gesner
    A wealth of information

    I absolutely love how informative your website is, I keep landing here while searching hard topics that a lot of fishmongers hop over. Thank you for covering hard topics like "tasteless smoke" and glazing. People deserve to be informed about the food they are consuming. Much appreciated

    Seafood Crate
    Howard Roussel
    Regarding our last order.

    Just placed another order this morning, my wife and I cannot wait till next Tuesday as our order will be delivered. We just love their seafood, will not buy from anywhere else.

    thank you Seafood grate.

    Seafood Crate
    Felix Tsetlin
    Excellent service

    Have been ordering wild caught salmon for several month. Consistently great product and good customer service. Keep it up! Much recommended.

    Seafood Crate
    Eva Pyatt
    consistent quality

    I've ordered fish and meats several times and I'm very pleased with the consistent quality.

    Seafood Crate
    Howard Roussel
    Best fish ever

    Just went online and ordered my third purchase of fish, my wife and I love the quality, we are hooked.