Omega Boost

Did you know that health Canada recommends you eat at least 5 ounces (150 grams) of cooked fish every week? The reason... Well on top of being an incredible source of common nutrients such as selenium, iodine, magnesium, iron and copper, fish is also one of the best sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

With that in mind we created the Omega Boost seafood set, specifically curated to provide premium sources of Omega-3. This set is the perfect choice for a balanced diet.


Contains one 7 oz / 200 g portion of each of the following products: 

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Salmon

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    My 1st order

    After I placed the order, Baz the manager called me personally to confirm & make sure my order is correct & if I'v any questions, excellent way to connect with his customers, he delivered personally all the way to my downtown condo...nice gentleman! You can track the delivery on the GPS app came with delivery notice in ur cell, so no need to stay home & worry if u gonna missed ur delivery. The order was packed in a strong cardboard box with top, bottom & 4 sides insulation wrap in plastic with pieces of ice in a plastic bag on top to keep my order fresh, the best insulated delivery box I even received. My order is fresh, excellent high quality tasty salomn & tuna Sashimi...I'd it for dinner, nothing else, very filling & was awesome because I ate all of, yummiest. I haven't try the salmon roe, rainbow trout & the crab meats, planning to stir fry with egg whites & green onion like an omelette, probably steam the trout Chinese style with salmon roe on top, over all 5 stars × 2 to: customer care service, packaging, delivery with a tracking app so u wouldn't missed ur delivery, excellent high quality products, u can't ask for anything more...highly recommended.

    Fish is Excellant!

    We made a special dinner with the Chilean Sea Bass. Asparagus on bottom and a special pesto sauce we made went on top of the fish


    Glad I made the move to put in my first seafood order. Quality is excellent, I'm amazed at the freshness. Made tuna poke bowl and the quality felt like I was eating a bowl from Hawaii. Seafood Crate is officially my go-to for all my seafood meals!


    Everything was fabulous but I ordered too much lol


    Ordered the same crate 3 times now (Omega Boost) and the quality is incredible. Sushi grade tuna, wild salmon, rainbow trout. Big portion sizes, arrived frozen and in great shape. Highly recommend. Long overdue for this type of service. Give it a try!

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    Found my fishmonger!

    Our first order was a wide range of products. Having gone through each offering I can truly say your product is fresh...fresher than my local...packaged well, sustainably responsible, top quality and portioned just right. Just placed my second order. I'm sold! Seafood Crate you are my only source for fresh seafood. We especially loved the salmon, Argentinian shrimp, pickerel and Arctic char. Super impressed!

    If you haven't already, do yourself a huge favour and give Seafood Crate a try. Like Vicki and I one order is all that's needed to find your own personal fish monger!
    Looking forward to new offerings in the future...mussels, oysters, clams?


    Seafood Crate offers a great service, a good selection of fish and always delivers. I highly recommend them.

    Great fish!

    We especially loved the Tuna and scallops!
    We ordered an array of fish and seafood and used and enjoyed everything.
    The convenience of ordering and delivery certainly added to our overall enjoyment of your products! We will continue to order your fish and seafood and will continue to recommend it to our friends and family! Many thanks for your great product!! Andrea

    Excellent Fish and Customer Service

    Received our first order today. It was packaged as advertised. Presentation was excellent. We were able to track the order from start to finish.
    We had the salmon for supper and it was so moist and the taste was pleasing to the palate. we are looking forward to the rest of the fish we ordered.
    Will never look at store purchased fish again.
    Seafood crate will be our go to for fresh fish and seafood.
    Thanks again

    Best fish

    Totally in love with your tuna. It's so good to be able to get sushi grade. I made a tuna tataki. Salmon also very good.