Cooked Crab Meat

• Species: Portunus Pelagicus
• Fresh

• Country of Origin: Indonesia
• Features: Wild Caught, Sustainable

Our sweet, delicate crab meat is mainly claw meat and comes to you ready-to-eat. This blue crab meat is low calories but high in protein and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Think outside the shell and enjoy this restaurant-quality crab meat in pastas, salads, dips, spring rolls, sushi, and sandwiches, not to mention crab cakes and stuffed crab avocado!

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Customer Reviews

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Laila Gardner
The best picked crab ever!

As a pescatarian I’ve had a lot of crab meat, but this crab meat made the best crab cakes I have ever had, at an amazing price point. This is my new go to place for crab, you will not be disappointed

Amazing! Thanks a lot Laila :)

Barbara Ward
Delicious but ...

in one package of cooked crab I found two thin and sharp inedible bones. They were each about 1 1/2 inches long. Dangerous!

Mel Bradley
Delicious and melt in your mouth!

The crab meat was sweet and delicious. The convenience of having such quality seafood delivered straight to my door was wonderful. We made wonderful crab cakes with the meat and the chunks were large and held up. I would definitely order this again!

Brenda Nikkel
Ordering at Seafood Crate Again!

Fish was very, very fresh & delicious. Oysters were big & juicy. Crab was excellent and also fresh.
Really enjoyed the entire experience. All staff was great & helpful.
Thank you


Cooked Crab Meat