5 Seafood That You Must Add To Your Regular Diet

January 20, 2022

5 best Seafood

Health-conscious people always keep searching for the most light-weighted and tasty diet food to ensure their health and fitness to the fullest. If you are also sailing the same boat, then here we have arrived with the 5 most delicious seafood that contains a high amount of protein, nutrients, and other essential elements for the body. You can cook them in any way you want and enjoy every bite of it.

5 seafood that will change your day!

If you want to have better natural ways to enhance your beauty by getting healthier skin and a fit body, this list of exotic seafood will fulfill your desires perfectly.

  1. Salmon: It is a popular seafood fish and is considered a great source of Vitamin D, protein, and many essential nutrients. However, still not clear whether the salmon is wild or farmed, but in either way, it contains up to 1200 IU per service. Thus, it is not an important factor as it won't make any big difference.
  2. Crabs: Most people may know the essentialities and importance of crabs, but do you know that it is an excellent source of Vitamin D? Yes, with the 90% RDI in just 1 crab tail serves with brilliant nutrients in our body. As we know, too much of everything is bad, so you need to ensure to take it in the limited amount necessary for your body requirements. 
  3. Oysters: It is a type of clam that lives in saltwater. Although they look like a tasteless food item, trust me, it is very delicious, low calorie, and full of nutrient aspects. Only in 100 Grams of Oysters will you get approx 80 calories with more than 300 IU of Vitamin D. 
  4. Shrimp: It is the most popular type of shellfish, and unlike any other seafood, it contains very low fat and great Vitamin D aspects. It also contains Omega 3 Fatty acids. It also consists of approximately 150 mg cholesterol per serving and 152 IU per serving. 
  5. Chilean sea Bass: One of the most preferred and important seafood is the Chilean sea bass. It contains a high amount of Omega-3, Vitamin D, and many other essential health nutrients. It is available in a large quantity on the shores of Chile. The shelf life of this exciting seafood is more than 200 years.

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