Differences Between Salmon Center Cuts and Tailpieces

April 27, 2022

Differences Between Salmon Center Cuts and Tailpieces

Do you want to conveniently cook the wild-caught sockeye salmon and enjoy the unbeatable taste? Well, the first thing you need to decide while buying wild-caught sockeye salmon online is the cut for the fish. When you can determine the right cut for the salmon suitable for your cooking method, then you can eventually grab all your preferences fulfilled without any interruption. You can get a number of cuts available for this particular variety of salmon, such as center cuts, tail fillet, whole fillet, premium T-star cut, and many more. However, the two most preferable cuts are center and tailpieces, and thus, this blog will help you differentiate these two cuts and thereby determining the suitable one for your preferable cooking criteria!

Difference between the center cuts and tailpieces for wild-caught sockeye salmon

• The centerpieces contain the belly and backside of the fish, and thus, you can have lots of skin on these pieces. Whereas the tailpieces may have thick and strong pin bones that you need to remove before cooking, or if you want to have the raw salmon, it is quite difficult to go with the tailpieces.

• The centerpieces contain lots of nutrients because of having skin portions on them. Some of the nutrients available on these center cuts are Omega-3 Fatty acids, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-D, and many more. On the other hand, the tailpieces contain protein. So, if you want to balance the protein requirement, you should prefer tailpieces while buying wild-caught sockeye salmon online; and to fulfill the nutrient requirements, you can go for center cuts.

• One of the great differences between the center cuts and the tailpieces is the ease of cooking. The tailpieces are easy to cook than the centerpieces. This is because of the proportion of skin. The tailpieces have a bit harder skin and needle-like pin bones that help to cook properly without letting them break into pieces. Whereas with the center cuts, if you stir frequently, there is a great chance of breaking the pieces, and if you overcook it, you may not experience the tasty texture of the fish. However, if you want to eat the raw fish, then going for center cuts while buying wild-caught sockeye salmon online will benefit you perfectly.

• The tailpieces are crispier in texture than the centerpieces. This is because of its thin needle-like pin bones. The center cuts have a lot of skin, and the pin bones are thinner than the tailpieces. Thus, if you want to have a crispier taste, you can choose tailpieces rather than center cuts.

Choose the right cut for wild-caught sockeye salmon online and experience an uninterrupted taste from the fish always!

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