Seafood Crate's Year In Review

February 26, 2020

Seafood Crate's Year In Review

We have grown so much in the last year! We started last year with an extended beta launch during the spring and summer. Then we officially launched in the fall.

At first, only 15 products were available as part of a small collection of seafood sets. Customers could order a weekly subscription of seafood crates containing 3, 6, or 9 portions. Each portion was 5 ounces or 141 grams. Quickly, we increased the portion size to 7 oz / 200 gram portions to give our customers a much better value. Then we added the option to choose various delivery frequencies like bi-weekly and monthly. Later, we introduced a 15+ portion Party crate size along with the ability to create one’s own seafood crate with whatever products inside.

As more and more customers joined the beta launch testing group, we continued to engage and listen to their feedback and requests. To coincide with our official launch, we revamped our website and made it more flexible and intuitive. Ordering was made even easier and deliveries could be scheduled weeks or months in advance. Customers were free to create seafood subscriptions or order single deliveries. And the 3,6,9, and 15 portion crate sizes were removed so that customers could order as few or as many portions as they like.

Media and news outlets began to take notice and Seafood Crate was featured on Jazz FM radio as well as Rogers TV, CTV, and Breakfast Television. Our popularity exploded and the amount of orders and new customers continues to increase.


Since then we’ve continued to add new products and seafood sets to our menu. And now it’s possible to order custom cuts of fish such as whole fillets. In fact, Seafood Crate’s new seafood concierge service makes it possible to order just about any seafood one could want—even products not listed on the website!


What’s next for Seafood Crate? New products and services of course! We are experimenting with plant-based seafood and cell-based seafood. This is part of our commitment to sustainability and to the environment. We believe that these new alternative meat sources will initially be a great compliment to our robust offerings of wild caught and sustainably farmed seafood.


Seafood Crate has come a long way in our first year. What started out as a simple seafood delivery subscription, has now become one of the largest premium seafood home delivery services in southern Ontario. And we owe it all to our loyal customers!

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429 reviews
Best fish ever

Just went online and ordered my third purchase of fish, my wife and I love the quality, we are hooked.

superb quality

I order weekly, and each and every time the quality is superb and consistent. The communication from the time or ordering to delivery is friendly and professional. Its been a real life saver at a time when in store shopping is so precarious. highly recommend

Excellent quality

Very fresh seafoods: even the frozen ones. Excellent quality.

Great Customer Service

I have purchased from Seafood Crate for over a year now. Occasionally I have used the chat feature to check on my order and the response has been immediate and very helpful. The delivery service is so reliable and the food has always been carefully and safely packaged. This past week it looked like one part of my order had not been delivered. The person on chat worked with the delivery person to determine the status within minutes. The problem was on my end but Seafood Crate was so helpful in getting it resolved! Love the variety and quality of the products!

Great Seafood

Love the seafood! Always fresh, price is great and they deliver! This is one of the best services I have found for seafood.